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Map Archive of Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny 1919 - 1939

There are many websites on the Internet with scanned old topo maps, but resources related to Poland are limited. Polish Military Geographical Institute (1919-1939) developed and printed topographic maps which, in the 1930s were rated among the best in the world. Nowadays these maps are a fountain of information about pre-WW2 Poland and, at the same time, can be still used in the field to locate villages which have long disappeared from the ground and can not be found on modern maps. For these reasons we believe these maps should be made widely accessible and what better way than through the Internet? Although a daunting task we are positive we will manage to collect and present scanned images of all WIG maps and other geographic materials the Institute published.

Traduction libre : Beaucoup de sites de vieilles cartes sur internet mais peu sur la Pologne. L'Institut géographique militaire polonais avait élaboré d'excellentes cartes dans les années 30 : utiles pour localiser des villages disparus sur les cartes modernes. D'où notre volonté de diffuser largement les cartes de cet Institut par le biais de ce site.

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