An insidious ennemy : dust
If you think about libraries, a few things are coming straight to your mind : an old four-eyed librarian (it’s about wearing glasses, not about genetically disturbance) with strict hairstyle and bad temper. But you might also think about dust... Read more

Map-Library Perry Castaneda, Austin, Texas
Geography is magical knowledge: linking people, space and perception, it seeks to enlighten the mind of the traveler. As it mixes subjectivities in an aspiration to build objectivity, the geographer is a visitor who refuses to rely on the comfort of ready-made ideas... Read more

Recipe of the world : extreme french « gastronomy »
Bresse, France : Meat offal stew. Take the lung of a pork, a veal or a beef. If you can get a heart, a kidney ... Cut all of this into cubes (size of a big dice). If you like bacon, well that’s okay, put some bacon if you want. Fry some onions in oil. Add the dice of heart, lung and kidney... Read more

How to create a map on the web ?

Finding and saving maps at various scales from the web. How come ? Read more