Journal de la Carto - January 2015
Travelling in the Sultanate of Oman

An Interview of Olivier Archambeau, Professor in Geography

I have been to Oman as part of a mission I conducted with two former students, one of them Mathieu Defrel, is in charge of the Youth in the city of Stains and works for Sevia (Veolia) and the second one, Benjamin Iker, had come on a previous mission and is now in charge of administrative questions in a high school.

Oman in brief

Oman is an independent monarchy (a sultanate) since the mid XVIIIth century. The economy of the country is mostly related to the oil and gas extraction sector.

Total population (march 2014) : 4 000 345 inhabitants
Total area : 309 500 km2
Density : 13 hab./km2
Currency : Omani Rial
Capital city : Mascate
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