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Témoignages - Rencontre avec Allegra De Lorenzo, étudiante italienne de 17 ans en stage à la cartothèque

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Allegra De Lorenzo, I’m an seventeen years old Italian student attending an American International School. I’m taking the IB diploma in which I focus on the Arts and Humanities. Outside of School, I’m interested in international affair and geopolitics.

You aim at working in International Affair?
Yes. I intend to take a law degree specialized in international affair to then practice in an international association like the UN, Fao, and WTO.

Do you want to work as an analyst or would you prefer to work in the field of Conflict Management?
I would like to work in conflict resolution and crisis management.

During your studies at the American high school you have been studying with students from all around the world...
Certainly, my school specifically is an international school which welcomes students from all around the world. Therefore, I’ve been surrounded by students from different parts of the world since I was six years old. This environement has opened my mind to a variety of cultures and different ethnic backgrounds which is great to be aware from a tender age.

So you think that you experiences a specific way in the educational world compared to other Italian students ?
I believe that living and studying with students who come from all around the world opens your mind to many different aspects, which students whom haven’t had this experience can’t understand unless you communicate, collaborate and study with them

Among the students you know, are most of them interested by working in international institutions or do they all have their own way?
Everyone is different. However, as many already come from families which are actually working in international institutions or simply living in that international reality we are more prone to taking that path. Nonetheless, I also have fellow classmates who go on to study business, archeology, psychology etc. And are doing great!

Many of them come from diplomatic families ?
That's right. Their parents may work in the numerous embassies in Rome, or the various NGOs which are present in the capital.

You are coming to a French University for the first time? What do you think of what you observe here ?
It’s the first time I experience the French university system. I find it a lot of similarities with the Italian system, being also in the EU. Yet I also feel that, in a University in Paris, there is a more international perspective. More students come from different parts of the world, which contributes at the diversity of the university's community.

What’s your aim here at the university? Learning French or…
Sure improving my French has its advantages ! However I mostly came here to understand more geography and its impact in current events. It’s a class which it is rare to find in high school... So it is great to learn more beforehand to improve my understanding of international events !

To be interested in international affairs I suppose you read a lot. Which sites do you suggest to our readers ?
The UN sends out analyses and reports of all current events which contain impartial and complete details of what’s happening. Also, universities provide great analyses. However, as it takes time for them to be written, BBC covers everything happening worldwide. I also believe, nonetheless, that reading from only one news source isn’t enough to understand the complexity of any conflict. Looking up both Eastern and Western sources can provide a wider understanding !

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Octobre 2014