Bannière de la cartothèque.
Cartothèque - Présentation

Presentation of the map collection of Paris 8

The Map Collection is located in the department of geography. It is open to everyone: teachers, students, administrators, researchers, curious whether the university or not.

Université Paris 8
Cartothèque D 139
2 rue de la Liberté
93526 Saint-Denis
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Location : Bât. D, 1st Floor, Door D 137 Plan
Phone :

Home loan is limited to 5 items for a period of 15 days and may be extended. This includes many of the maps. The documents that are 'excluded from loan' are available on site in exchange for the student card.
The Map Library has a reading room of 20 seats, with 1 computer station for students and staff. Possibility of assistance.

Functions and Activities
Home readers, registration, information, research assistance, loan and return of documents, document storage, delays, keeping attendance statistics
Order preparation, budget tracking, cataloging new books, equipment and storage
Reorganization of collections
IT development for the internal management of the database and to consult the catalog

The map library offers readers more than 63 000 documents with more than 53 000 topographic maps, geological, mural, relief, thematic ... as well as atlases, dictionaries, CDs, DVDs, photographs, textbooks, Masters (over 600), background maps, etc. ...
The consultation of the catalog is from this site.
The search is on documents entered in the language of the document but additional information (location or notes) is in French.

The Map Library is a member of GéoRéseau, networking professionals Libraries and geography libraries.